The space is an amazing world famous art gallery of 'wild style' Graffiti. The opening of the car park for painters to get creative has helped place the street art of local youth in different context. Graffiti is an expression of the urban lifestyle that is globally recognized as a cutting edge art form. The mass of different artists that were involved in painting the Alexandria space is a milestone and an innovative solution to an inner city problem.

The Graffiti Artists of South Sydney and the surrounding areas were potentially turned into criminals due to no legal areas to express their art creations. The South Sydney council ignored the fact that these young artists need space to use their art as a form of expression, and in turn rather they turn to crime so they can be "off their streets" and behind bars.. more problems for the community to feed their pockets.

Tony has, over the years, turned artists forced into crime and rehabilited their desires into expressive art. Some of these young artists have, over the past decade, got top Graphic Design positions in respective companies from the various mural projects he has sponsored.

Many of the mural projects that have coloured the Redfern and Newtown area have in turn given the artist jobs in the area they are good at.

The koori people of Redfern sydney have got many problems to deal with.
An ongoing struggle for a place in society, they are still not recognised as people.
Everleigh St known as "The Block" has been neglected and pushed aside by South Sydney Council.Tony Spanos who became a youth worker and sponsor for the area, reaches out to these people and helps them in their struggle.

Tony Spanos's work with Graffiti Hall of Fame has included amazing sponsorship, support and encouragement for the local Aboriginal population, organizing sports events, go-cart and harbor cruise projects, surfing carnivals involving police and aboriginal folk, plus countless other schemes.